Sound management solutions for your hospitality business needs

Over the last few months we have been working hard towards bringing hospitality services that really matter to you and your business, targeting those issues in a way that only someone with intimate knowledge of the Hospitality Industry can, and of course, relying on your constant feedback to make sure we are getting it right for you.
If you are like most independent operators in the Hospitality industry, you are definitely facing at least one of the following challenges:


• Reduction and Monitoring of Operational Costs & KPIs
• Building your Brand and Reducing your dependency on Online Travel Agencies
• Talent Solutions – Sourcing, Training and Development


We bring over 15 years experience in all aspects of setting up new hospitality businesses or redeveloping existing operations. will help you run a lean business allowing you to reduce cost and maximise profitability.


Our solutions range from energy efficiency measures aimed to regain control of energy costs, through guest centric software solutions to run your business more efficiently, all the way to laundry solutions aimed to reduce costs.

Energy Solutions

We are sure your business is facing challenges to reduce ever-increasing energy costs, and when wastage accounts for a significant proportion of your energy spend, there is an added urgency to keep costs in check.

Through our partners we deliver a range of ground-breaking solutions that can radically transform your wasted energy into renewed profits. We will help you introduce exceptional – and guaranteed – savings on your energy and lighting costs.

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Talent Sourcing Solutions

When talking people we believe in nothing, but the best talent and skills available. For the coming season we have enhanced our services and added some additional features to our screening process.

Through our unique relationships with our 5-Star Golf Resorts in the USA , Spanish Culinary Schools and Cruise lines partners we are enviably placed to source a variety of people from entry level managers looking to take the first steps on the road to a bright career in the hospitality industry through to senior managers looking to take the step forward and take ownership of their first property and put their mark on it.

More on Talent Sourcing
WE are listening.... are YOU ready to talk?

Upcoming Solutions

We want to know more about you, understand you better, learn about the issues that you want to address in your business and to make sure that we can be of help to you and to the hospitality industry in Ireland. To make you better, is to make it better.

We want to hear what you have to say about the hospitality industry. Please email us or call us to arrange a time to meet and talk.

Vision and Values

We combine our love for people and possibilities as the path to realising potential, with the knowledge and expertise of an industry that should be centred around people.
Through this love comes the transformative power towards fulfilment for both people and organisations.
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