John Fingleton Speaks With Eric Isherwood (CRY 104 FM) About Recruitment, Skills Shortage and How to Fix It




Eric Isherwood CRY 104 FM talks to John Fingleton Co Founder at bē about recruitment, shortage of skills and the external factors that affect the hospitality industry in Ireland.

During the interview, John discusses with Eric the current shortage of skills, the lack of formative training and why bē are taking people to the USA (Workaway Programme) for training providing them with a safe return to Ireland with a better employment outlook.

Eric also asked about the effects that Brexit would have on the industry and John pointed out how it will be harder to attract our number one customer and that to succeed we will need a continuous improvement of our service offering and delivery.

The conversation also touched on the effects of foreign investment into the Irish hospitality industry and the increased pressure for more professional training programmes that bolster the delivery of services in a very competitive industry.

After almost 30 years working in the hospitality sector as Ambassador Recruitment, we have decided to take the next step in our journey and evolve into bē. Over the years we have listened to the people we have placed, organisations that we have worked with and realised we can combine our love for people and possibilities as the path to realising potential, with the knowledge and expertise of an industry that should be centred around people.