Interview Preparation: Interviewer insight

Interview Preparation: Interviewer insight


No two interview processes are the same. Depending on the organization and the role, you could be interviewed by a recruitment consultant, the HR department, the line manager, all three individually, or any combination. Each will have a different agenda for the interview. This is important to remember as your approach with each should be slightly different.

The recruitment consultant is always the first screener. Their role is to match you to the employer’s requirements and ultimately give you their seal of approval as the most suitable candidate for the vacant role. The consultant establishes their credibility with each good person they put forward to the organisation so for a reputable agency it is imperative they feel you will represent them well.

It is imperative you have a strong relationship with your recruiter of choice and that you share your career goals and passion for the industry with them. Their role is essentially to act as your agent and to make sure to find you the most suitable opportunity for you.

My personal opinion take the time to build a long lasting rapport with one trusted recruiter that will work with you and more importantly for you to help you achieve your career goals.

The HR consultant is usually the recruitment procedural expert. One of their jobs is to ensure the organization meets its legal requirements. They often set up the recruitment process and have a strong attachment to ensuring it is working. It’s a safe bet that you will face a more structured interview from them, than you will from a line manager. They are often the employer’s first screener and may need to sell you further, depending on their position and influence within the organisation.

The line manager will be the person who is most concerned about finding someone for the role. They may be a person down or not meeting their organisation’s objectives by being understaffed. In the interview it will be the line manager who has the greatest sense of urgency about filling the role. Focus on your workplace achievements when fielding their questions. Work hard to build a rapport with them. They will be assessing your fit for their team.

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