Interview Preparation: Research the organisation

Interview Preparation: Research the organisation


It’s a big occasion and you should be nervous. However if you start with some thorough research, you start to build a case in your own mind of why you should be sitting in that interview room or in front of a panel. Having some confidence is a solid first step to overcoming nerves.

Nothing beats actually taking some time out to visit the property and get a feel for if it is indeed somewhere you could get excited about working, remember if you are successful this will be your second home for the next two years or more. I would definitely recommend talking to the staff in general to get a feel for how friendly they might be, it may surprise you what you can find out from some idle chit chat, again these people could very well be your new family.

Take the opportunity to shine! While on your visit to the property keep your head on a pivot and make some notes of areas you feel you can help improve if you are the successful person to join the team.

Interviews are a great opportunity to show your experience or observation levels of both a guest and a industry professional by being able to make a few observations of areas that you noticed they are performing well in but also of equal importance some areas that could do with improvement and more importantly make sure you give the examples as to how to make the change for the better

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