Interview preparation: Research the role

Interview preparation: Research the role


One thing that constantly surprises me is how few people actually read the job advertisement in detail for the role they are applying for, or even more surprising at times is how few people have ever even visited the property they are potentially going to call home for the next 2 years.

You will find it incredibly beneficial to have an in-depth understanding of both the style of property but also the management style and philosophy within the organisation. This is all information you can acquire by visiting the property and of course ideally taking the time to speak with your recruitment agent who will be happy to pain a picture for you.

Take this opportunity to shine and not only make sure you can deliver on the areas highlighted in the job advertisement but look to see what additional skills you bring to the role. It’s a great opportunity to start building towards a better financial package for the future.

At the interview you want to be able to refer to a time and place when you successfully carried out each of the tasks that has been highlighted in the job advertisement and more importantly pain that picture of confidence for the interviewer that you will deliver if given the opportunity.

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