Interview Preparation: Research yourself

Interview Preparation: Research yourself


Employers want you to be self-aware. Have a long hard look at what you have achieved, the way you have achieved that result and the skills you developed or demonstrated along the way, Take time to think about what your long term career goals are and will this opportunity help you achieve them.

Employers are always more excited by someone who can share this information with them it gives them insight that you are not only committed to learning and developing your skills further but that you are going to be driven to succeed with them and for them and probably most of all that you are passionate about making the move.

I always find a few key thoughts will be:

  • Are my genuinely excited by this opportunity?
  • Do I see myself making a positive difference here?
  • Do I see myself being part of the team?
  • Is this my style of organisation?
  • Have I opportunity to shine and grow within this organisation?
  • Do they value what I am bringing to the table?
  • Are my happy with the financial package?

This type of reflection helps you understand your strengths.It gives you confidence and helps you overcome nerves. But most importantly in my experience it helps you be honest with yourself about whether or not this truly is going to be a career move for you or are you just taking it for a paycheck??

And if you can be honest with yourself during this critical part of the process you will hopefully only make career moves and as we all know deep down inside a career move leads to less moves and less time going through this process .

So please do yourself a favor


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