Interview Tips

Interview Tips


This is your time to shine! Being well prepared is the key to success. First impressions are made within 30 seconds; you need show yourself in the best possible manner.

Be Prepared

Prior to interview, research the company to which you are applying thoroughly, so you completely understand them and their market.

The interview is an opportunity for both the employer and you to decide if you are the right fit for the job opportunity. Interviewers have limited information about you on which to base their final decision, so how you look, how you behave, your attitude and your delivery of your knowledge will influence your success rate and will help them make their final decision in your favor.

Be Punctual

Arrive 15 minutes early to allow you time to relax and familiarise yourself with the environment. Announce yourself to Reception, giving your name, who you are being interviewed by and your appointment time. You may be asked to complete an application form, so complete it in clear handwriting, correctly and in full, checking it before handing it back.

Be Confident

Greet your interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake. Use his/her surname only, unless invited to use forenames. Sit well back in the chair which will create a more relaxed atmosphere. Make eye contact with the interviewer, smile, nod to express agreement and enthusiasm and use the tone of your voice in a positive manner.

Get Coaching

Coaching is the best “Gift” you can give yourself for your Personal Development. You clear your mind and plan your goals for success. This allows you to live the life you truly want to live. We support you in the Coaching Process to:

  1. Evaluate where you are
  2. Set the goals you want to achieve
  3. Find the “How to Plan” for your success

Mentoring of this type can give lasting growth to enhance your career, your relationships and your life style.

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