Kelly O’Doherty

Kelly O’Doherty
Ballenisles Country Club, Florida
'Don't wait until next year. Don't let it pass you by.'
The best decision I ever made
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• Are you between 21-29 years old?
• Do you have an Irish/UK passport?
• Do you want an exciting career?
• Do you want to travel and work?
• Do you have experience working in the hospitality industry?

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About Workaway

This programme presents young people interested in the hospitality sector with an unparalleled opportunity to broaden their horizon and experience.
We have been running Workaway for 6 years very successfully, and those that take part are always very positive about the outcomes and expertise. In fact, many of those embarking in the programme receive offers to continue in employment in the USA or back with us in Ireland.
About Workaway