Know your “Why”

Know your “Why”


I am always amazed at the decisions people make in life. Recently while working with a person to help them secure a move within their industry and ideally one that would take their career to the next level, we encountered a situation that truly left me amazed.

The situation I am speaking about was working with and for a person who had suggested they would like to make a move back towards their hometown to be able to spend quality time with their family, as like all of us at some stage in life we realise our parents will not always be around and this was indeed the driving force in this situation.

As it happened we were able to secure this opportunity and happily recommended the person to one of our organisations who we had equally built up a long term relationship with through our many years working with them.

Like with all our people we had managed the process with them step by step to make sure this was going to be a good fit for both parties involved and equally spent time negotiating with the organization to make sure they truly saw the value and skills that our person was bringing to their property, Even more importantly reassuring them that it was a move for all the right reasons and not one based of financial gains.

However after the organisation had made their offer to our person and it was accepted and agreed with by all parties , that is where we run into the reason I have decided to write this article.

Upon returning back to the current organisation to issue them with a letter of resignation and a notice period our person got the inevitable counter offer promising more money from his current employer, the last ditch effort to try and keep a valued employee.

Now let’s be clear here my frustration is not in losing out on a fee with an organization but in the fact that after making the decision to move and going through the process of 3 rounds of interviews over a 2 week period and genuinely being excited to not only get to relocate closer to home but having found an organisation that you felt you could truly showcase your talents in and put your name and reputation to, Why good lord would you then allow yourself to be bought for money.

Surely after taking the decision, then the action involved to actually attend three rounds of interviews including a trial shift would you not follow through on what has to be something you truly wanted in life. At this stage you have just sold out your dreams and goals for you as a person and you have made it known to your current employer and recruitment agent that you are now just about the money and not your career or the passion for your industry.

This in my opinion is a very dangerous card to play as your current employer will now know you are only there for a short period of time and that you are only staying for the money and not for their business, never mind the reality that most organisations will now quickly start looking for the person to replace you long term as no one wants an employee who is only there for a paycheck. The fact is , by your actions ,you have now just eliminated a possible future employer and definitely lost yourself a valuable recruitment agent, who actually delivered a result for you.

My wish for you is please before you decide to commit to taking the action involved in a career change that you have spent some time talking with your friends, family and ideally your trusted recruitment agent to understand the reasons why you want to make this change and then allow yourself to be brave enough to follow through with it should you be lucky enough to secure what you are indeed searching for.

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