Midlands Park Hotel

Midlands Park Hotel

Working at Midlands Park Hotel

This is a great opportunity to join the team of this impressive and highly respected 4 star property as it relaunches itself back into the marketplace.


After significant investment into the redevelopment of this property by its new owners – who  themselves are seasoned professionals in the industry – and now under the leadership of its recently appointed General Manager Michael Murphy the team at The Heritage has its sights focused on creating and delivering an experience its guests will remember and a belief that this will only be achieved through the investment into constant and ongoing training and development of its people and teams.


This property has its focus clearly set on building its business through developing long lasting relationships with the local market and from there branching out into the national and international marketplaces, The property has a very busy Food and Beverage operation which will be spearheaded by its newly designed and constructed Bar and Lounge, while also boasting a standalone Steakhouse as well as a ever growing conference and events market. While also having a state of the art leisure facility.


Overall, Midlands Park Hotel is designed to reflect style, planned with meticulous care to deliver service excellence. An impressive and highly respected 4-star hotel having earned itself the reputation of being one of the most sought after Laois hotels. Located in the heart of Ireland’s Midlands and nestled in the heart of Portlaoise Town, this sophisticated urban setting is perfect for business or pleasure. Its striking entrance creates an impressive sense of space and classic modern elegance.

Current careers here

2- Duty Managers
1- Bar Manager
2- Food and Beverage Supervisors
35- Bar and Waiting staff

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