Energy Saving Solutions

will help you run a lean business allowing you to reduce cost and maximise profitability.

We are sure your business is facing challenges to reduce ever-increasing energy costs, and when wastage accounts for a significant proportion of your energy spend, there is an added urgency to keep costs in check.


Our energy solutions are aimed to help regain control of energy costs. Through the implementation of ground-breaking monitoring tools and ventilation, heating and lighting systems. We radically transform your wasted energy into renewed profits. Together will help you introduce exceptional – and guaranteed – savings on your energy and lighting costs.

Energy Monitoring

Monitoring, sub metering and targeting is integral to energy management – information that tells you where, when and how much energy is being used enables you to understand how much energy consumption may be reduced.

Our monitoring solution can help you achieve a 35% reduction in energy consumption and it normally pays for itself in 18 to 24 months. Let your managers get a grip on your business energy footprint and empower them to take action.

100% web-based, it is perfect for organisations of all sizes. It is a SaaS (software as a service) model capable of being accessed from anywhere in the world by PC or smart device. Data is collected wirelessly from our range of meters and wireless sensors.

Ventilation & Extraction

We introduce the latest and leading demand based ventilation controls for commercial kitchens, which saves energy by controlling the extract and air supply fans in line with demand.

As either a retrofit or new build solution, it works by controlling ventilation fan speeds such that extract rates are matched with cooking demands, hence optimising energy use.

To maximise energy reduction, fresh air supply is controlled in the same way as extraction, providing maximum energy savings and a comfortable working environment in the kitchen.

Controlling the extract and supply fans together ensures that they run at the lowest speed possible and ramp up only when cooking occurs, minimising energy usage whilst maintaining comfortable and safe conditions.

An effective way to save up to 80% energy with a return on investment of less than 2 years

Boiler Controls

Our boiler control system can be expected to save its total cost within 12 months. It will then go on to save money, reducing damaging atmospheric CO2 emissions and helping to preserve remaining fossil fuels year after year, making a significant continuing contribution towards environmental stability.

These Boiler Management Systems are designed to take over the control of gas, oil and LPG boilers by regulating and moderating the firing pattern according to changing demands. Energy savings of 15-25% can be expected.

This is an intelligent system. It constantly calculates load, maintains accurate temperatures by eliminating overshoot and alters the boiler input to match the load required without affecting comfort levels. It is an independent, discreet electronic unit, which is attached to the boiler.


Replacing current lighting technologies in your business is a great way of reducing costs.

Our range of LED lighting solutions offers an easy, affordable replacement of conventional technologies with the latest in lighting engineering. Our solution matches your lighting requirements whilst reducing you energy and maintenance cost through the use ultra-long life LED lamps.

With this solution your business can save up to 80% on your lighting costs with a typical return on investment of 2 years.

Vision and Values

We combine our love for people and possibilities as the path to realising potential, with the knowledge and expertise of an industry that should be centred around people.
Through this love comes the transformative power towards fulfilment for both people and organisations.
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