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Questions about bē

What’s the story behind Bē?

Bē was founded in 2016 by John Fingleton, a passionate Hospitality professional with more than 25 years of experience. Back then, he had the simple goal of helping people find their way in the hospitality industry while working with nurturing and caring organisations who seek to build stronger and highly trained teams committed to delivering and exceeding guests’ expectations. 

We set out to achieve this by gaining an in-depth understanding of both the needs and desires of the people and organisations in the industry and working with their best interests at heart.

What is Only with Bē all about?

Our mission is to inspire the people and organisations involved in Hospitality to build a more sustainable industry, i.e. one that focuses on the synergies between training and developing teams who in turn will deliver and exceed the guests’ expectations.

Our vision is to ignite the transformation in the hospitality industry with innovation, partnership, and ecosystem-building activities.

Our Philosophy: We have a unique way of looking at the way the Hospitality industry works, by putting guests, organisations, and people at the centre of everything we do. We bring a caring and nurturing mindset and impeccable professionalism that is reflected in our relationships with our clients as well as candidates.

We put people first: We recognise that Hospitality runs on passion, motivation, and dedication. The key is to ensure that people enjoy their jobs so much that commitment and excellence come naturally. In organisations, this happens when each person in the team feels purposeful and motivated. The secret sauce behind returning guests is more than just grand properties – it lies in the simple act of investing in people. We make this happen by fostering relationships between people and businesses in this field.

We focus on creating lasting partnerships: We recognise that there are clear benefits of playing the long-term game for the people and organisations we work with. When it comes to career management, organisations must be committed to passionately and professionally training their people. This needs to happen despite the possibility that they will leave them to work with someone else, but quite possibly return to them in the future in a more senior role. For the people, it’s about being committed to spending at least 18 months in a role developing the skills and experience needed to be ready to take the next step forward in their career when the correct position is available.

We believe that Hospitality is all about exceeding guests’ expectations: We know that success in hospitality is inseparably tied to turning your random customers into brand ambassadors. Just meeting customer expectations is not enough; you need to be able to exceed their expectations and leave them with a burning desire to come back repeatedly with friends and family. The first step in this direction is to understand what guests really want – i.e. both their stated and unstated needs. The next step is to invest in building a motivated, passionate and committed team that delivers those needs every time.

As a Hospitality organization, how do I know if I should join the Bē family?

Bē is an experience, a community, and above all, a family. We bring a caring and nurturing mindset and impeccable professionalism that is reflected in our relationships with our clients as well as candidates. As an organisation in the Hospitality industry, you will gain by associating with Bē only if you share our core values and beliefs. Our exclusive screening process ensures that we work with like-minded clients; that is, they believe in putting people first because they know that it is indispensable to keep their guests returning to them. They understand that they are in the business of delighting guests, and that makes people their most significant assets. That’s why they look up to Bē to benefit from our exceptional Talent Sourcing and Talent Management solutions.

Our professionally screened, assessed, and trained hospitality professionals are not only competent and capable but also passionate and committed. This sets us apart from the crowd. Join us if you seek to refine and augment your existing teams, improve team motivation, and increase staff retention the Bē way. We help you achieve the highest levels of hospitality service and standards.

Raise your potential to secure the right fit for your organisation by benchmarking relevant candidates and their profiles against the industry standards. Rely on our objective screening methodology to source candidates who can create synergy with your brand values and goals. Never again fall into the trap of hiring people who fail to delight guests or are not aligned with your work ethics.

Our in-depth screening process helps us to understand the long term career goals of candidates, which then seamlessly translates into less new hires in senior positions. We help you to create a future senior team that is already oriented to your company culture. You will never have to worry about putting misfit or incompetent people in important positions ever again.

As a professional in the Hospitality industry, why should I choose Bē?

We are with you every step of the way and are invested in seeing you grow and flourish. Once you join our family, you belong and reap the benefits forever. Your career is our priority, and so are your passion, skills, and talent. We align these elements to craft a tailor-made journey that fulfils your goals. Bē uses a unique combination of screening professionals, training them, and matching them with nurturing employers to fuel rewarding careers.

Whether you are looking to get started with the Hospitality industry, secure a better job, get a promotion, gain a new experience, or get professional expertise in planning to fulfil your long term career goals, we work with you every step of the way. We gain insights into your professional and personal goals while highlighting the skills to be developed to help you progress and gain promotions faster.

When it comes to your career, you shouldn’t have to settle. We have an extensive network of handpicked partner organisations who have proven themselves to be reliable and nurturing employers. We not only work with you to secure opportunities with our partners, but we will also educate you on each one of them. This way, we can identify the employers you will enjoy working with as well as excel in professionally.

No matter where you start, Bē is here to help you for a lifetime of meaningful career opportunities. Whether you are at the entry-level, mid-level, or senior level, we have opportunities that no one else can offer. We are proud to be in a unique position in the Hospitality industry to meet your specific career needs. Our professionally managed career development services keep your career stable, strong and growing.

We are committed to seeing you succeed and do what it takes to achieve the same. We understand your goals and needs and will provide you with access to our online training academy. We will also make sure to align you with organisations that will commit to your ongoing training and development. This way, we help you to effortlessly thrive in the competitive Hospitality industry while staying rooted in your passion and goals.

What makes Bē unique and exclusive?

At Bē, we recognise that building strong, passionate, and committed teams is the key to success, especially in Hospitality. We also understand that people are not just a cog in the wheel – they have personal and professional goals of their own. Therefore, managing their career development with them and for them is indispensable. This is where we come in.

Highly skilled professionals are already scarce in the Hospitality industry. By working with people with their long-term careers in mind and monitoring the industry trends, we help you stay ahead of your competition through improved staff retention. This empowers the management to invest in their people for training and development, knowing that their goals are in alignment.

Bē works with focused and committed people to secure them rewarding jobs and prosperous careers in the hospitality industry. Managing your career and aligning it with your personal and professional goals is at the forefront of all our decisions. Whether you are looking to kick start a career or take the next steps in developing your career in the Hospitality industry, we are here for you. By joining Bē, you will never have to worry again about ending up in an unfulfilling job, working with an inattentive employer, or failing to align your career path with your long-term goals.