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bē – Talent sourcing solutions

When talking people we believe in nothing, but the best talent and skills available. For the coming season we have enhanced our services and added some additional features to our screening process.

These features are designed to maximise profile matches and to secure the most suited and skilled candidates for your organisation at no additional cost to you.

Through our unique relationships with our 5-Star Golf Resorts in the USA , Spanish Culinary Schools and Cruise lines partners we are enviably placed to source a variety of people from entry level managers looking to take the first steps on the road to a bright career in the hospitality industry through to senior managers looking to take the step forward and take ownership of their first property and put their mark on it.

Succession planning for your teams

Through our screening process with each of our people we get to understand in detail what their long term career goals are. Then we identify the key skills and experience they will need to achieve in each career move to achieve their end goal.

Our philosophy, with emphasis in the person’s long term goals, also translates in less new hires in senior positions while also creating a future senior team who are embedded with your company culture.

Management of natural staff attrition

With such a shortage of highly skilled professionals in the industry and the ever increasing business trends it is now more important than ever to be in a position to anticipate your staffing needs and have the most suitable person available when you need them.

Profiling service

It is paramount to know if a new person working with you has the right skills, but wouldn’t you also want to know how if the personality fits within your culture and way of doing things?

Independent skills testing

A feature aimed at assessing people’s skills, becomes a critical indicator of the actual ability of the prospective team member.

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