WE are listening… are YOU ready to talk?

WE are listening.... are YOU ready to talk?

We want to know more about you, understand you better, learn about the issues that you want to address in your business and to make sure that we can be of help to you and to the hospitality industry in Ireland. To make you better, is to make it better.

We want to hear what you have to say about the hospitality industry.

Over the last few months we have been working hard towards bringing hospitality services that really matter to you and your business, targeting those issues in a way that only someone with intimate knowledge of the Hospitality Industry can, and of course, relying on your constant feedback to make sure we are getting it right for you.

If you are like most independent operators in the Hospitality industry, you are definitely facing at least one of the following challenges:

• Reduction and Monitoring of Operational Costs & KPIs

• Building your Brand and Reducing your dependency on Online Travel Agencies

• Talent Solutions – Sourcing, Training and Development

Reducing and Monitoring of Operational Costs and KPIs

We are sure your business is facing challenges to reduce ever-increasing energy costs, and when wastage accounts for a significant proportion of your energy spend, there is an added urgency to keep costs in check. Through the implementation of groundbreaking monitoring tools and ventilation, heating and lighting systems we can radically transform your wasted energy into renewed profits.

• Our Wireless solution allows you to collate and manage all aspects of energy and building related data in a single system so you can identify those areas that can be performing better and take the appropriate action typically ensuring a 35% reduction in energy consumption and ROI of 18 to 24 months

• Our Ventilation control systems will control fan speeds such that extract rates are matched with cooking demands, hence optimising energy use and producing savings of 80% on energy use with ROI of less than two years.

• Our Boiler control system is designed to take over control of gas, oil and LPG boilers by regulating and moderating the firing pattern according to changing demands. This intelligent system constantly calculates load, maintains accurate temperatures by eliminating overshoot and alters the boiler input to match the load without affecting comfort levels while producing 15-25% energy savings and reducing damaging atmospheric CO2 emissions all with a ROI of less than 12 months

• Our PMS Dashboard incorporates hundreds of KPIs across multiple areas of operation to ensure key stakeholders keep their eyes on their goals and business on course. Better visibility, better decisions, better results. Which ultimately leaves your managers free of the office with the comfort of receiving an email or text alert if one of their pre-determined KPIs is underperforming in real time updates

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Building Your Brand while Reducing dependency on Online Travel Agencies.

Enjoy the same success Hilton Hotels have seen with their Stop Clicking Around Campaign in the battle to regain control in the war with the Online Travel Agents with your own Fully Branded Open Ended Electronic Loyalty Program.

• Offer attractive added value for your guests without making a large investment.

• Lower your marketing expenses while reaching a larger National and International Market

• Loyalty Card holders shop on average 3 times more often and on average spend more money than other customers

• Ability to precisely reach out to your target audience, to offer and communicate your exclusive offers. This way, you can acquire new customers cost-effectively.

• Without high investment costs, you will get your very own customer card and will make your consumers your new loyalty customers through attractive offers.

• With the high-quality customer data base (CRM) of your Customer Loyalty Program, you will always have all your contacts and appointments at a glance and can plan your promotions and events for your loyalty customers!

You will have a full overview of the most important corporate key figures with only one click.

• Sales transactions and average sales amounts by gender

• Sales breakdown by new customers and loyalty customers as a percentage

• Sales breakdown by age, weekdays and regions

• Sales increase or sales losses compared to the industry.

This way, declines or profits are now in their proper context, using this data you can detect trends, react to them and make the right decisions in order to guarantee long-term success for your company!

Talent Solutions – Sourcing, Training and Development

Through our strategic partnerships with both Workaway International and our Cruise Line Partners we are truly in the best position to work with you to manage your natural staff attrition while also providing a cost free training academy.

Workaway International allows us to offer our clients the opportunity to avail of an All-Expenses Paid Internship with leading 5 Star Golf Resorts in Florida where their valued team members will receive in-depth training but also the opportunity to add talented and trained professionals to their front and back of house teams as our Interns return home in May to Ireland to take the next steps in their careers.

We will not only source your future team members for you but will also provide profiling for you between the potential candidate and his or her direct Supervisor to make sure of a long lasting and productive relationship between both.

We offer a Flat Fee base model for recruitment along with a reduction in fees if there is a need to re-fill a role within 18 months.

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