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Organization FAQs

Why Bē?

Bē helps you augment your team by providing professionally trained people with a proven track record in exceeding guests expectations. We Manage Your Talent Lifecycle from Acquisition and Screening to Retention and Succession Planning. We are committed to meeting the unique needs of each client of the Bē family.  with Bē to Build a Strong, Passionate, and Motivated Hospitality Team from Ground up.

What can I do with Bē?
  • Professional Talent Sourcing and Management for Organizations in the Hospitality Industry.
  • Infuse your team with the most suitable candidates with matching skill-set, professional experience, and personal qualities.
  • Raise your standards of service by benchmarking relevant candidates and their profiles against the highest quality standards in the industry.
  • Rely on our objective screening methodology to source candidates who can create synergy with your brand values and goals.
  • Get a headstart on succession planning by partnering with us. Our in-depth screening process helps us to understand the long term career goals of candidates, which then seamlessly translates into less new hires in senior positions. We help you to create a future senior team that is already oriented to your company culture.
  • Stay ahead of others through improved staff retention and reduced attrition.
What is the process to join Bē?

Step 1: We capture all the relevant information about your company

Step 2: We research your company in-depth to anticipate your staffing needs.

Step 3: Virtual meeting with your executives (if an in-person meeting is not possible).

Step 4: Identify the core needs: Talent Sourcing vs Talent Management.

Step 5: Compile all the requirements and signing of the contract between the two parties.

Step 6: Build your detailed company profile on the Bē platform for.

Step 7: Launch a press release to announce the partnership between Bē and your company.

Step 8: Provide your team access to the Client Portal and walk them through it.

Step 9: Submit people and coordinate interviews for your review and feedback.

Step 10: Introduce you to the full array of benefits that come with being a part of Bē.